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Two successful seasons with brand ambassador Yvonne Catterfeld brought fresh attention to Gabor. The target audiences quickly became familiar with her glamorous yet down-to-earth personality. As a result, the collaboration was extended. Our task is to continue this success story, enhance the brand’s emotional value and further increase its desirability among the relevant target audience. For our third campaign creation, an opportunity opened up to captivate with greater depth, building upon a brand model that is familiar to the end consumers.


The reimagining of our brand ambassador in the third round. An impact of emotional imagery. Theme: Private Concert. Yvonne Catterfeld in her natural environment as a musician at the piano, radiating with inner contentment and strong charisma. Artist and human, grand stage and great closeness, star appeal and one of us. With this intimate setting, the collaboration takes a fresh turn. Yvonne’s glamour is subtly transferred to the brand, creating an authentic, grounded and harmonious atmosphere that she embodies. The shared values of Gabor, testimonial and target audience seamlessly blend across all media (TV, print, online), on all channels and at the point of sale suggestively.


One Face to the customer. With an interdisciplinary media strategy in place, communication kicks off in spring of 2023 for a broad international brand campaign. Both print and TV planning emphasize detailed and maximum contact quality. The campaign achieves a high nine-digit contact frequency in the relevant target audience and significantly boosts brand awareness, likability and purchase intent alongside it.