Brand management, conception, shooting, CD, print, film, media


In times of crisis, change requires a fundamental rethink.
Creating new methods while staying relevant.
Interaction is one of the most important needs.
Digital communication enables us to find innovative solutions here. Presenting collections in a new way – digitally.
A virtual showspace with a brand new concept is to be developed.

A special experience for the audience.
Challenge and opportunity at the same time.


The premiere of the first virtual showspace FLOOR 21.
6 days, 3 collections, 75 videos, 18,000 images.

The content was produced during our “Powershoot”, then edited within 6 days and presented on Floor 21.
Overviews, inspiration videos, key looks up to the presentation of the looks in single pieces are presented in digital form.
Viewers can admire the collection digitally on Floor21.


Never before could the ideas and collections be presented digitally in such a clear and concise way.
Customer visits have led to great enthusiasm and the majority of orders were placed hybrid.

A big step towards digitalization for LUISA CERANO and BSS.