OLYMP 24/Seven

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As comfortable as a t-shirt, as stylish as a shirt.

A new product from OLYMP enters the stage. The 24/Seven shirt made of unique jersey fabric is meant to inspire the masses, especially the younger target group.


The benefits of the product, such as breathability and above all flexibility, were presented in a way that appeals to 18 to 29 year olds. Based on a strategic campaign planning, a cooperation with two international artists was realised. Eric Gauthier, international ballet star, and Louis Buß, member of Germany’s national breaking team, enter the #OLYMPBattle.


On social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, the campaign was played out in paid and owned social. Large-scale digital ad camping and the company’s own newsletters also carry the campaign to the target group. The goal of all measures: The landing page on OLYMP.COM and the respective detail pages per phase. The campaign was flanked by shop windows and in-store TV advertising in all OLYMP stores and at many retail customers. In total, more than 27 million impressions were achieved in the target group across all phases. A VTR of 75% and an excellent conversion rate speak for the content and the concept.