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After four successful seasons with brand ambassador Yvonne Catterfeld, the new campaign aims to resonate even more with current times. Our era is turbulent, and the needs of our customers changed. In consequence, market research and exploration of desires and emotional worlds are crucial steps in developing the campaign, along with identifying concrete solutions and offerings. What does the end consumer long for? What are current requirements and demands on Gabor? To provide added value to costumers and strengthen them in everyday challenges, the campaign needs to be empathetic and supportive.


Our challenge has been distilled into a simple message that encompasses everything the brand stands for and has always offered: “BEAUTY MADE TO LAST.” Unique shoe fashion with highest quality and comfort. Sustainable and durable due to the use of premium materials. In a time marked by hustle and superficial bustle, the century-old shoe manufacturer focuses on its inherent and differentiating strengths for the new season. The 360° campaign opens up a new brand aspect for Gabor, where joy, interaction, movement, and a connection to nature take center stage. Authentic women exude contentment, inner peace, and tranquility, inspiring others to experience unhurried moments in nature.


Immediately after launching the campaign in specialized stores and trade publications, a multitude of positive responses flooded into the company headquarters. Gabor had struck the right nerve of time. In stores, the nature-oriented image and video language received significant feedback. The campaign tools heightened anticipation for Spring-Summer 2024 and encouraged purchases of the new collection. Additionally, retailers reported that customers felt drawn to and identified with the authenticity of the campaign. Detailed evaluation will follow in the coming months.