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It’s a match! Gabor and Yvonne Catterfeld are a perfect fit from head to toe. The singer and actress quickly reaches the relevant target audience with her star appeal and values, effectively directing the spotlight in which she stands onto the brand. As a result, two additional seasons were added to the initially planned two. For the fourth joint campaign Autumn/Winter 2023/2024, we wanted to further intensify the story around the testimonial with its strong character, striking a balance between glamour and approachability.


On Stage! After productions in the recording studio, backstage and during private gigs, the singer takes to the stage. In radiant warm light, various intimate atmospheres are created: in eager anticipation just before the curtain falls, or performing for her fans on the guitar. Yvonne always stays Yvonne: not a sterile artifice, but real, powerful, passionate and positive. We transfer these strengths and talents to the brand. Both artist and brand represent the highest quality, whether on stage or in shoe fashion.


Strong relevance, new visibility, high traffic, increased likability: The fourth campaign with Yvonne Catterfeld successfully met all its objectives and once again drew fresh attention to the shoe manufacturer from Rosenheim with its century-old company tradition. Yvonne’s high level of recognition and celebrity factor, combined with her down-to-earth character, harmoniously aligned with the company’s values. Thanks to her identification with the brand, a strong connection was quickly established with the existing customer base, and new potential customer segments were tapped into. In the end, a nine-figure contact frequency was achieved within the relevant target audiences.