How do you effectively communicate the topic of retirement planning to the relevant target audience? Since it’s never too early to start thinking about retirement planning, the campaign primarily aims to engage the audience aged 30 and above. This will be achieved through visuals that captivate attention and generate excitement for the future.


The product “Barockstar” is the fund-based retirement plan offered by VR-Bank Ludwigsburg, combining tradition and modernity. We showcase and embody this core product concept with our “Barockstar” as the trusted companion in retirement. The Barockstar bust, created using generative AI, serves as a consistent element throughout the campaign. It is brought to life in campaign visuals through state-of-the-art CGI technology and also through 3D printing in real life at the point of sale. The campaign employs a comprehensive out-of-home campaign and a programmatic online campaign, ensuring high visibility and frequency within the relevant region and target audience.



The comprehensive campaign for VR-Bank Ludwigsburg was executed through CLPs (City Light Posters), large-format billboards, and columns at high-quality locations in the Ludwigsburg district, generating over 10 million impressions per flight. With over 1.5 million online impressions, the visibility, frequency, and presence of VR-Bank Ludwigsburg were also enhanced digitally. The campaign received high praise and achieved high success rates from the entire bank’s sales team.